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Bodoland Lottery Results Live Declared, Know all necessary information about Bodoland lottery results today. Who wins Bodoland lottery today, see the full list of Bodoland lottery winners.

Bodoland Lottery Lottery Live updates from time to time are available here. Do you know that Bodo Lottery is not a part of the Assam lottery but separate from Assam?  Bodoland Lottery is conducted by Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) of Assam. YOu can check the lottery results directly from the official website of Bodoland Lottery:

Bodoland Lottery Result Time: 12 noon

Here is the result for the Bodoland lottery whose result is out by 12 noon today. First Prize of Rs. 1 crore which goes in favor of the lottery sequence number:

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If you match all the ticket numbers with this then it's your day. If not then God wants to teach you something and it's your day only. 

Prize distribution for Bodoland Lottery:

For all lottery holders with matching tickets, the numbers are Rs. 1,000/-

2nd prize amount is Rs.9,000/-

3rd prize amount is Rs. 500/-

4th prize amount is Rs. 250/-

the prize amount is Rs. 120/-

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History of Bodoland and Bodoland Lottery

How Bodoland lottery was started? Before answering this question we will take you through the history of Bodoland.

We sourced our information from Assam government official documentation. Bodoland Territorial Region is an autonomous region in Assam. Autonomous is described in the sixth schedule of the Indian constitution as an "autonomous administrative district which has given autonomy within their respective states".

Bodoland has 4 districts and is situated on the north bank of the Brahmaputra river, sharing its boundaries with Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. 

Under the peace agreement signed in 2003, gives the right for its administration by the Bodoland Territorial Council. The autonomy of this state was further extended by the agreement signed in January 2020. 

Area: Bodoland covers a total area of 9000 sq. meters.

Hope you win today's lottery. If not then don't lose your hope. you will win. Don't overplay the lottery. It is not good for your financial condition. Try only when you have plenty of money to waste. Thank you!

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