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Kerala State lotteries are a program started by the Kerala Government in 1967 to generate employment and proper distribution of wealth in the public interest.

In the year 1967, all lotteries systems operating on a private basis were banned by the government, and an idea was proposed by then Finance Minister of the state "P.K Kunju Sahib" to generate employment.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

Earlier Kerala state lotteries were under the control direct of Finance Department but later on, it was brought under the Department of Taxes.

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Kerala State Lotteries has a different prize system from weekly to few Bumper lotteries. At present 13 states allowed lottery Following the Kerala model to boost economic growth and generate revenue.

How to check Kerala State Lottery results, 

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There are many fake sites available on the internet that shows fake results and try to get the information of the website visitor to target back for a scam. You need to be cautious about this. Kerala State board has an official website for this purpose where you can get the genuine results of lotteries.

Official Website: ""

Name Prize MRP (Rupee)
Purnima(Sunday) 1st Prize- Rs:80,00,000 40
Win Win(Monday) 1st Prize- Rs:75,00,000 40
Sthree Sakthi(Tuesday) 1st Prize- Rs:75,00,000 40
Akshaya(wednesday) 1st Prize- Rs:60,00,000 40
Karunya Plus(Thursday) 1st Prize- Rs:80,00,000 40
Nirmal(Friday) 1st Prize- Rs:70,00,000 40
Karunya(Saturday) 1st Prize- Rs:80,00,000 40

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