Pre-Cut Label/Sticker Sheet A4 Size Multi-cut Labels

In this article, we will give you a detailed review of premium pre-cut Labels available online. If you are thinking of buying pre-cut sticker labels of A4 size paper then go through this article.

Here we have taken some of the many pre-cut labels/stickers sheets of A4 size paper available online. We have only selected sticker papers that are of good quality and with good consumers rating.

Printable A4 size sticker labels with pre cut
Pre-cut Printable Sticker Papers

Uses of pre-cut labels in our daily life

Sticker labels are used for different purposes in our daily lives. Most importantly it is used by shopkeepers and online shipping businesses. This paper can be used to print bills, delivery-address of the goods, for printing barcodes, and Price tags by the shopkeepers.

Pre-Cut Label/Sticker Sheet A4 Size

It is often seen that sticker paper is used to print products labels describing products along with price and barcodes. If you want to use sticker labels for any of these purposes then here you will get the list of all types of pre-cut labels.

Pre-cut sticker labels can be found in these cuts:

  • 1labels per sheet 
  • 2 labels per sheet 
  • 4 labels per sheet 
  • 40 labels per sheet 
  • 84 labels per sheet 
  • Other Sizes Also Available, Here!

1 Label Per Sheet on A4 Size Sticker Paper

One label per sheet of sticker paper is mainly used for custom designs of different shapes to be cut of after printing the design. For cutting straight lines and circles on sticker paper without damaging the paper some special kinds of paper cutters are used.

Sticker/Label Description
View Image 1 Sticker Per Sheet - 100 Sheets Pack
Matte, high-quality permanent adhesive label for home, school, and office use. For the Shipping addresses, Files and folders, bard code, and price tag printing. Inkjet, laser printer, or any other type of printer for A4 size papers.
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Mainly two types of the paper cutter are available in the market, one is a straight line cutter and another is a circle cutter.

Straight Line Paper Cutter:
There are two types of straight-line paper cutters available online. One is used for cutting a bulk amount of papers at a time, another is used for cutting one paper at a time. Before you buy a sticker paper, make sure to buy a paper cutter along with it.

Different types of paper cutters are used for cutting sticker labels on 1 label per sheet of sticker paper.
Bulk paper Cutter Single Paper Cutter Circle Paper Cutter
Bulk paper Cutter

single paper cutter

circle paper cutter

Useful for all types of paper cutting, heavy-duty for business. Useful for Cardboard Sheets, Paper Cutting, mat Cutting Also for Foam Cutting Useful for cutting circular shapes of paper/sticker labels
comes with scales of different shape and size Comes with 10 Replaceable Blades The range of the cutting circle is 10cm to 30cm in diameter
Magnetic paper holder to fix the paper on the scale Forms stains after a long time of use. stainless steel blade
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If you don't want to invest in any of these paper cutters then you can go for pre-cut sticker papers.

2 Pre-cut Labels/stickers

You might have seen labels with the billing addresses on your online delivery boxes. Yes1 these are part of A4 papers but pre-cut in half size for saving paper. 

Sticker/Label Description
View Image 2 Sticker Per Sheet - 100 Sheets Pack
Same as 1 label per sticker of A4 size. More importantly, it is India-made, this type of stickers is used in shipping addresses and other office and home works.
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4 labels per sheet self-adhesive paper

These are mainly used as product labels for printing logos, product details, or even in shipping products of small size.

Sticker/Label Description
View image 4 Sticker Per Sheet - 100 Sheets Pack
Used across all labeling tabs and in any type of printer with an A4 size printing option. Matte finish and smug free paper.GSM suitable for non-jamming in Printer
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40 Labels per sheet Stickers

These are very small pieces of precut labels on A4 size self-adhesive labels. due to its small size, it can only be used for special purposes, like printing barcodes.

Sticker/Label Description
View Image 40 Sticker Per Sheet - 100 Sheets Pack
Can not be used for labeling of billing/shipping addresses due to its small size, useful for barcode and price tag printing in all types of printers.Need precision in aligning due to its small size.
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84 Labels per sheet

If you only want to print the price of a product on sticker labels then this might be very useful for you. It has such a small partition that you can not print more than 5 to 6 letters of appropriate size.

Sticker/Label Description
View Image 84 Sticker Per Sheet - 100 Sheets Pack
The size of stickers is very small due to this, this is only used for labeling MRP or small codes on products. It can't work properly on printers manual ink printers and pens are used to write on these stickers.
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To conclude, These are some of the sticker labels available online for your sticker printing requirements. If you want to explore more of them then let us know. We will try to bring some more labels as per your requirement. This is all for now I hope you enjoyed reviewing the best pre-cut labels/stickers of A4 size and multi-cut stickers by this post. Than you!

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