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Shillong Teer Result today. Shillong Teer is a very popular lottery system in Meghalaya. It helps the economy of Meghalaya to grow fast and helps to solve the unemployment problem.  

Thousands of people wait for it on daily basis. For daily Shillong Teer results you can visit here you will get daily Teer results. As soon as Teer results are out they will be immediately updated on this website.

Results for the first round are going online at 3:45 pm and for the second-round result, you need to wait till 4:45 pm. We are hoping for your win and we wish you all the best for the result. 

Know whether Shillong Teer is Legal or Illegal:

Shillong Teer runs from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, there is no Teer open for the public. Yes! it is legal in Shillong and is organized by Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association. Along with Shillong, there are 13 states in India that allowed lottery and gambling for the public. 

Shillong Teer of Meghalaya is a legal betting game that comes under the Meghalaya government under Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act.

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How to Buy a Ticket for Shillong Teer:

To buy tickets for Shillong teer you need to know when teer tickets are sold online. So Shillong teer tickets are sold from 9:00 am to 3:30 am and the second round of Shillong Teer tickets are sold till 4:30 pm.

Rules to play Shillong Teer:

Teer buyer has to select the last two digits of the total number of arrows that hit the target. The person who gets the number right becomes the winner of the day. You can check the Teer Results here on this website. In the first round, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows and in the second round, they shoot 20 arrows.

Teer is played in 3 different locations: Jowai Teer, Khanapara Teer, and Ladrymbai Teer.

The biggest win in teer is called the 'forecast' one who guesses both first and second round of the teer result gets 4000 for each Rs.1, eg: if you have given 300 for playing teer and gets accurate numbers in both the round then you get 300x4000  which is 12,00,000 as price money.

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