121 Short Deep Quotes That Makes You Think Twice

Short Deep Quotes

In this article, top 121 short deep quotes that make you think twice, if you are fond of sharing your ideas and understanding of life through quotes then these quotes will exactly do the same for you. 

People with greater understanding can only understand these short deep quotes, for others, it is just quoted with deep meaning but they could not find out what these actually are. 

Meaningless quotes are being shared all over the world but these quotes bring the mind into life and challenge it to decode the words to get the deeper knowledge that nature wants to convey. 

If you are inspired by someone then you will find that those inspirational people often use short deep quotes to describe their meaning for instance Mahatma Gandhi use to convey his message to the masses using short quotes with deep meanings.

Without wasting your precious time here are to top 121 Short deep Quotes that will make you think twice. These quotes are taken from some of the renowned personalities and some are taken from general people's diaries but with equal significance.

121 Short Deep Quotes That Makes You Think Twice:

Why Do We know,
But Act like we don't?

No rain
No flowers

Time is everything
we have and we don't.

No pressure!
No diamonds!

Your patience!
is your power.

Turn out it was mostly a lie.

But at least for a short while.
It was a beautiful one.

Healing is about accepting
Not forgetting.

The poet waits quietly
to pain the unsaid.

Be a voice. 
Not an echo.

it was only ever
The idea
of you.

No act of kindness,
no matter how small,
Is ever wasted.

No one is you
That is your power.

Success is just a 
combination of failure.

Death is only an adventure
I have patience for.

Nothing can be
hidden forever.

Women are 
to be loved
not to be 

Keep going 
No matter what.

 Quote with Deep Meaning - short and clear.

Take the Risk
or lose the chance.

You are my person.

Chase your star fool, life is shot.

Spoiler, we die in the end.

Storm make trees
take deeper roots.

Even the brightest 
of stars dim.

There is more to life 
than increasing its speed.

Mistakes are proof 
that you are trying.

Close both eyes
to see with other eye.

Doubts kills more dreams
than failure ever will.

There is beauty in her words
and pain in her silence.

We exist in moments,
nothing more.

There is a voice that
doesn't use words- listen.

I rebel,
therefore I exist.

Short Deep Quotes Filled with Deep Meaing

Can't wait to see
myself happy again.

It's scary
what a smile can hide.

Act as if what you do
makes a difference.

Better a cruel truth
than a comfortable delusion.

Look deep into nature.
and then you will understand better.

You were born an Original.
Don't die a copy.

Life is in ourselves.
And not external.

If I know what love is,
it is because of you.

it's right!
it's just not right now.

success comes closer to those,
who learn from failures.

your imperfection 
makes you perfect.

Always be kinder
than you feel.

what you do, 
do it well.

The quieter you become
the more you can hear.
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