Sourav Joshi -Youtuber Complete Biography

In this article, we are going to decode Sourav Joshi, who is he? how he become so famous and complete details about his life including monthly income, girlfriends, cars, phone numbers, and much more.
Born on 8 September 1999, Saurav Joshi was not into vlogging but into arts at first. He has two channels on his name one for his vlogs and another for his art channel which he loves the most and uploads it explaining the various techniques of drawing.

Sourav Joshi

 Sourav Joshi Complete Biography

One of the major reasons for his success is that he never miss uploading his vlogging videos for a single day. Many YouTubers say that his consistency could be the main reason for which youtube is recommending his channel more than other vlogger's videos.

His morning routine in 2021( due to covid restrictions) consists of waking up early in the morning and rushing to the Kirana store. On returning he most often talks with the kids in his locality and shooting small vlogging clips with them doing silly things. Once he is back at home, cleaning his car becomes the next priority along with playing with his dog 'Oreo'. Each day he tries to entertain his viewers by doing his regular tasks in his own ways.

Now let us talk about his personal information:

His real Name is Sourav Joshi ( Real name as mentioned by him), and his youtube vlogging channel name is Sourav Joshi Vlogs. By profession, he is a sketch artist on youtube and now a full-time blogger. 
He is 5 feet 7 inches tall with a fair complexion. Saurav Joshi Phone number: +91 9896745*** anyone can find the last digits or maybe he has changed it.

If you also wanted to know more about his arts channel then go to and search for Sourav Joshi Arts. His yearly income is approx. 7 crore Indian Rupee, which he earns through brand endorsements and a youtube revenue model.

If you are curious to know about Sourav Joshi's girlfriend, well there is some good news if you are a single girl. He is still single reason being corona (as told by him). He has one younger brother whom you have seen many times in his vlogs, his name is Piyush Joshi ( also his best friend)

Yes! he runs an Instagram Account with ID @souravjoshivlogs ( same goes for Twitter /Facebook /LinkedIn).

I hope you enjoyed reading about Sourav Joshi's short and crisp biography in which I revealed his income, about his girlfriend, and other necessary information. If you like it then share this article everywhere. Thank you!
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