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 In this article, you will come to know everything related to SSO ID login, SSO ID registration, if full 'Rajasthan Single Sign-On,' and all about its benefits and where you can use SSO ID once it is generated. We will also provide some information on SSSM ID. The official website for SSO ID Login is:

Rajasthan government has transferred a lot of work to their online portals for the ease of public and restrict corruption in the state. The main purpose behind creating 'Single Sign On ID' is to make it easier for the beneficiary and applicant of different government services and yojanas.

Hereby the government aims to keep track of all the beneficiaries of the government programs. Applicants can apply to more than 150 government programs and vacancies through one ID more easily and without going through the registration process each time for different government portals.

Rajasthan SSO ID has the following feature:

  • Through SSO Id you need to log in only at one place to access multiple government programs and services.
  • All the government services for the benefit of the people are listed at a single portal under one roof.
  • Easy to use all government services in one place. Through this Portal the Rajasthan government aims to inform the public of various schemes newly launched for the public as soon as possible.
  • One of the major examples of this portal is, applying for government jobs has become much easier. Another one is that the Aadhaar card can easily be created and downloaded through this portal.
  • Till now more than 2.1 crore people have already created their SSO ID.

What can we do with SSO ID?

A number of benefits can be availed through Rajasthan Single Sign ID. Such as Downloading Aadhaar cards, applying for all Rajasthan government exams, directly connecting with various government schemes, there are more than 200 services that you can take benefit from from one SSO ID. 

Here is the list of services that are available on the Single Sign ID portal to take advantage of.
List of Services through SSO ID By Rajasthan Government
Attendance MIS
Artisan Reg
Bank correspondence
Bhamashah Card
Business Registration
Challenge For Change
Digital Visitor Register
Drug Control Organisation(DCO)
GST home portal
LSG (change of land use )
These are olny few of many services available on SSO ID Portal. for more information visit the official website of SSO ID Rajasthan.

How to Register for SSO ID?

Here we have given you the list of all the necessary documents required for registering your name in Rajasthan Single Sign ID. We also provide you the step-by-step process of creating an SSO ID for your ease.
 If you find this article convenient then share it now with your friends and family in WhatsApp groups. Below is the process of registering yourself to Rajasthan Single Sign On ID. Follow the process carefully to register yourself on this portal.

Step1:  Go to any web browser and search for and click enter. else you can directly search for 'Single sign On Id / SSO ID' on google,

Step2:  Click on the 'Registration' Tab. There is three option available for registering on SSO portal.
SSO Login / Registration Screen
  • Citizen
  • Udyog
  • Government Employee
These three options means, if you are a government employee then you should select the 3rd option, If you are registering for your business then you should select the first option and if you are a common citizen of Rajasthan who does not fall in either category then you should select the first 'citizen' option.

Step 3:  By default, you will be in the Citizen tab where you will get 4 options by which you can register yourself easily. 
  • Google Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Jan Aadhaar
  • Bhamashah
You have to choose one of the above-mentioned options. If you select Aadhaar Card then you need to enter your Aashaar number. In case you selected google then you have to enter your email ID.

Step 4: After selecting and entering the details from one of the above-mentioned Id you need to enter the phone number for future reference. make sure the phone number is active and will remain active in the future.
Step 5: Once you filled in both the information, click on the Next button. You will be redirected to a new page where you need to fill the form and hit submit Now button.

Once your registration is successful you will get the Single Sign ID/ SSO ID using which you can now login to the official website of '' and access 200+ government schemes, services, and jobs at a single portal.

To conclude, if you want to avail of all government facilities provided for the benefit of its citizens then you must create an SSO ID which will not only provide you access to all Rajasthan government schemes but also help you to apply for job vacancies and various other services. Thank You!

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