Philips T bulb 10 Watt Price | Philips T LED bulb Review

Philips T bulb 10 Watt price and detailed review, In this post you will get complete information about this T shaped Tub light that is energy efficient and has a special feature, which we will discuss later in this post.

You might be curious about Philips T shape bulb price, but this post will give you more information about Philip led bulb. A T-shaped bulb is a new and innovative approach by companies to attract customers, but do they really work as marketed by these companies.

We will discover all in our post, so stick to this post to know more about this T-shaped led.

Philip T bulb

Philip T bulb 10-watt Review and Price:

T bulb was introduced in the market with the motive to change the round led bulb with its innovation. The company claims that this bulb gives a wider range of light spread compare to round LEDs. This is also called a futuristic bulb due to its design.

Is it really helpful?

The answer is Yes and No. If you look at its design then you will notice that these light bulbs are not new to the market. When I was in college I use to buy similarly shaped lights to use as study lamps. 

Although the company claims that this bulb has a wider range. Our research shows that this is only useful to a particular place where you want a good amount of focused light. For a room where you want each corner to get equally illuminated, where this bulb fails to perform.

But this bulb provides an aesthetic look to your home and fits in the same socket where we fit normal LEDs. You can even tilt this bulb to focused on a particular direction. 

Philips T bulb 10 watts led Price:

This bulb has been a popular product since its launch, people are buying it because of its shape and aesthetics. It can also give high performance and spread light to each corner of your house or office if you buy a 10-watt bulb. 

Phillip T bulb 10 watts Led will cost you around Rupee 180/- for and it comes in a pack of 2 so, the total price will be 380/- approx. Link to “Buy on Amazon

We know what is the price of Phillip T bulb 10 watts, now what next?

Do you know how much energy does this bulb consumes? According to company stats, Phillip T bulb saves up to 33% energy compared to its 15 watt CDL CFL lamp. 

This bulb is available in white color with a cool daylight setting which measured as 6500k and base of B22. Its lumens are 1000 and its dimensions are 8cm by 20.5 cm in width. It weighs around 630 gm ( pack of 2)


  • Does the company provide any guarantee on Philip T bulb?
  • Yes, you will get a 1-year warranty with this product, from the company or amazon seller.
  • Is it good for 15 by 15 rooms?
  • No, you should go for 2 T bulbs in order to light a 15 by 15 room. 
  • How much energy does it consumes?
  • It consumes approx 220 v. which is normal for Indian standards.
  • What is the estimated life of Philip T bulb 10 watt?
  • Its estimated life is around 15000 hours.
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