About Us


Keralakhadi.org is a pioneer in digital journalism and has been serving to the society with its authentic piece of content. Keralakhadi.org was registered in the year 2001 for a totally different motive and gradually diversified its portfolio to journalism. In this time frame not only does the motive but also the founder changed. 

Now Kerala Khadi is all set to target a totally different set of audience to achieve its organisational goals. Our main focus will be on providing quality content to our viewers without being biased. By doing this we are aiming to serve a large number of Indian as well as foreign audience.

Behind the huge transformation in the working of this organisation, the motive was very clear, "to serve more people". The idea of serving humanity was not new but was diluted by centuries. We are trying to revive this with our epaper. I hope to get your support for our good works. {fullWidth}